Mitchell Holistic Health

We are a cash-based clinic offering physical therapy & health coaching services.

We are located at 1580 Heritage Blvd, West Salem, WI.
We also offer in-home services for FSM patients located in the Twin Cities area.

Supporting your healing journey

 We (Phillip +  Claire) met in high school, got married after college, and moved from Tennessee to Alabama to Wisconsin. We now live in Wisconsin where we are raising our three children — Caroline, Leah, and Jackson. 

We have always been active, but we both would admit we didn’t always have a full understanding of health (read about Claire to learn more about that journey). When Claire was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, we began our journey into holistic health. Phillip, who is a McKenzie-trained physical therapist, was the one who actually started our journey, as his PT training makes him always look for the root cause, which is exactly what he did when Claire received her diagnosis.

Now with a new commitment to health, we have developed a new rhythm to life, specifically through Mitchell Holistic Health. We aim to empower patients to heal — whether that is healing physical pain through PT with Phillip or healing gut health through nutrition and lifestyle change with Claire. We invite you to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you achieve optimal health. 

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October Cleanse

October Cleanse

HERE COMES FALL! It’s almost fall here in the Midwest, and with the seasons changing comes the perfect time to cleanse our bodies. SEASONS CHANGING = PERFECT TIME TO CLEANSE With the turn of the season, our bodies need to reset and be cleansed. As we enter into fall...

What’s in a label: Organic versus all natural?

What’s in a label: Organic versus all natural?

One thing I remember when I started my health journey was asking a friend about the difference in organic versus all natural labels on foods. I had no clue what the difference was to be honest, and I REALLY had no clue why I should care! What’s the difference? Let’s...

January Reset: Group Coaching Program

January Reset: Group Coaching Program

Looking to heal your gut? Do you want to take control of your health but are unsure where to start? Have you considered trying an elimination diet to see if certain foods may be causing you to not feel your best? Do you feel overwhelmed to do it on your own? Do you...

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