Are you experiencing any of these issues?

we take a functional medicine approach to help you heal.


We aim to identify the ‘why’ behind your symptoms and understand how to properly address and improve your health.

the whole person

We look at your entire body — what it tells us inside and out. We focus on helping you as a whole person so that you can be well and live a life free from everyday pain.

We hear you

Have you been to appointment after appointment only to feel disregarded and unheard? We have been there, and we want to walk beside you in this journey. We hear you, and we want to help you.

Restoring daily life

You’ve found yourself with a “broken down body” and no one knows why. We will help you uncover the mystery and rediscover what it feels like to be fully functioning again.


Instead of being a passive bystander in your health, we partner with you to educate you and empower you to take back your health. You can be well; you just need the right knowledge and tools.

A personalized approach

After listening and hearing your concerns, we partner with you to design a program that fits your goals and needs: one that helps you restore your health.

let’s get you started.

Come in for an Initial Consult.

Work with our practitioners to develop a customized plan with personalized support to help achieve your health goals.


Start with a 60-minute intake session.


Establish a foundation for your health journey.


Focus specifically on your goals & needs and how best to achieve them.


Look at the reason behind your symptoms and discuss your current lifestyle and nutrition.


Develop a personalized plan that suits your needs, discuss what testing is right for you, and decide upon the package of sessions that is right for you.

meet our practitioners

We are here for you.

A woman undergoing physical therapy sits on a stool in a serene wooded area, wearing a smile.

Claire Mitchell


Holds a Ph.D. in Spanish & Applied Linguistics


Changed careers after embarking on her own healing journey from Hashimoto’s


Holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine


Has varied training and experience working with functional medicine doctors and practitioners

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Claire is passionate about listening to you and hearing your concerns. She, too, has walked the journey of autoimmunity, which makes her emphathetic to your own desire to feel better and be well. Her own healing journey combined with her training in functional medicine can help you find hope and healing for your own health concerns.

Kelsey Meyer


Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Trinity School of Natural Health 


10 years of experience in healthcare


Special interests in pediatrics as well as depression and mood challenges


For the past five years, Kelsey has worked to heal her own body through natural approaches related to diet & lifestyle changes.

Read More about Kelsey

Kelsey spent many years dealing with the same health issues and decided to take a different approach for herself to seek healing. Through that experience, her passion for helping others reclaim their health grew, and she decided to pursue formal education and training to be able to share this approach with others. Kelsey is excited to help you uncover the reason for your health issues and empower you to improve your health naturally.

Testing that we offer

Curious about your options? Here are some of our commonly ordered tests.

“Food has the power to heal us. It is the most potent tool we have to help prevent and treat many of our chronic diseases.”

Mark Hyman

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