Nice to Meet You

We’re Claire and Phillip

Welcome to Mitchell Holistic Health! We are Phillip & Claire Mitchell, the founders and owners. A little bit about us: we met in high school, got married after college, and moved from Tennessee to Alabama to Wisconsin. We now live in Wisconsin where we are raising our three children — Caroline, Leah, and Jackson.

Our journey to opening and owning Mitchell Holistic Health began when Claire was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis after giving birth to our daughter, Leah.  Through a series of doctor appointments and lots of research, we decided to take an approach to support Claire’s thyroid through diet and lifestyle changes. And we were blown away by the results.

By changing her diet and working to modify our lifestyle, we saw dramatic changes in her thyroid and gut health — for the better.

That’s when we decided to turn our passion into our profession and opened our practice. At Mitchell Holistic Health, we look at health through a holistic lens, one where we focus on the body as the interconnected system that it is — one that realizes symptoms aren’t just random but often are related.

We’d Love to Work With You.

We have been there. We have walked the road to our own healing and can promise you that we will listen to you and your concerns.

What we would tell you is that we are different than what you might find at other practices. Our approach focuses on the whole person and whole body — inside and out — and is what helps you find the health you’re seeking — fully and completely. If you’re tired of feeling overlooked and not heard, then this is the right place for you. We want to help you restore your health and take back your life.

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