Do you have a constant knot under your shoulder blade? 

Here is a quick tip: the problem is coming from your neck! 

We constantly move in the upper part of our neck whereas the lower part doesn’t move at all. This is the reason why we are experiencing shoulder blade pain.

The main thing we do here is screen the neck and shoulder blade area with different movements to see what the best route of therapy is for you. We look for the root cause as to why you are experiencing the pain and then work back from that to get you feeling better fast!

Start feeling better today so you can move better and sleep through the night uninterrupted.

Do you experience general shoulder pain?

Find a chair, couch, or table to rest your arm on. Facing forward with your arm behind you, work on doing small dips to feel a stretch in your shoulder.

This is a good movement for people that have had an injury to the shoulder and have pain trying to reach over their head. Typically if you see improvement, it will happen within a few days of performing the exercise. We recommend trying this 4-5 times a day for 10-20 repetitions. 

If the exercise aggravates your pain and doesn’t improve your motion, please stop the exercise as this is not likely to improve your pain.

If you continue to experience shoulder pain and would like to visit Phillip for a physical therapy appointment please reach out!

Please visit our Instagram page for more visuals as to what exercises help shoulder pain!

If the pain persists, schedule a physical therapy appointment with Phillip where he can screen you to see where the pain is coming from!

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