Do you experience back pain often?

Oct 26, 2022

Here are 3 signs you have a back problem and didn’t know

#1 You have trouble standing after sitting for a while

#2 You have hip pain with no prior injury OR your hip pain switches from side to side

#3 You have knee pain that radiates into the foot. This can be a burning sensation or sharp pain

Our best advice…

  • Take care of your pain even if it’s just a minor nuisance right now. It is best to catch it early
  • If your pain is more severe, we can still help you!
  • Book with Phillip and get back to living the life you love… pain-free

3 ways that can help get rid of back pain


  • Lie flat on your stomach (best if on the floor/solid surface). Place your hands by your shoulders and press up into the extension. Hold this position for a couple of seconds, and repeat the movement 10x


  • Lie on your back on a couch or bed (something off of the ground). Angle the hip that hurts off the edge of the couch/bed, and let it hang off of the edge. Pull the opposite knee toward your chest, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3x


  • Lie on your back and cross the leg that hurts off the edge of the couch/bed. Pull your bent leg toward your chest until you feel a stretch in the affected buttock
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