▶ Reduce food allergies 

▶ Alleviates asthma 

▶ Limits autoimmune diseases 

▶ Helps to prevent diabetes 

🧠Your microbiome acts as “the second brain” 

Most of the trillions of microorganisms in our gut are beneficial.

Genetics, age, and diet influence the composition of our microbiota.

Roles of the gut bacteria… 

▶ Helps produce hormones 

▶ Aids in energy extraction 

▶ Manages appetite and body weight 

▶ Digests fiber to help form a stool 

▶ Controls mood, motivation, and cognitive health 

▶ Helps in the prevention of colds and viruses 

▶ Helps repair damaged tissues and injuries 

What can alter your microbiota? 

▶ Exposure to environmental toxins 

▶ Consuming a poor diet lacking anti-inflammatory foods 

▶ Taking toxic medications and over-the-counter drugs 

▶ Smoking cigarettes 

▶ Large amounts of stress 

▶ Exposure to harmful pathogens 

A few simple ways to improve your gut bacteria… 

▶ Consume probiotic foods (yogurt, kefir, cultured veggies)

▶ Avoid common allergen foods (dairy, shellfish, peanuts, soy, gluten)

▶ Eat plenty of fiber and prebiotics (helps make probiotics effective)

▶ Avoid antibiotics (only take them when necessary)

▶ Vary your protein consumption

▶ Reduce toxin exposure (use natural products)

▶ Exercise and manage stress

▶ Consume gut-friendly foods (bone broth)

Any questions? 

Call the clinic, we would love to help! 

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